Typical Day in the Life of Me (Bri)!

Everyone’s days are different starting from the moment you wake up.

Personally I wake up revved and ready to go, but I am a morning person.  I usually wake up 5 minutes before my 6:00 alarm goes off.  I jump out of bed and immediately turn off my alarm.  I can tell you something I am not though… I AM NOT A SNOOZER.  People that snooze DRIVE me nuts!!!  My husband is a snoozer.  I have friends that are snoozers and I just don’t get it!

Although my weekends are very different the below is a look at my typical weekday!

6:00-7:00 AM I get up, shower and get myself completely ready for work. Once I am ready I get my daughter dressed and ready and we are out of the door by 7:05 AM.

7:05-7:10 AM I drop my daughter off at daycare and then head to work.

7:30 AM I get my work day started with a cup of coffee that consists of a French vanilla K-cup, 2 truvia packets and some Walden Farms French Vanilla Creamer (non dairy, zero calorie, sugar free)

8:30-9:00 AM I usually eat some kind of healthy protein/granola bar for breakfast.  Today I chose a blueberry Oatmega bar.  I have never had the blueberry flavor and I must say this was delicious!  It tasted like a blueberry muffin! 

9:00-11:30 AM I try to drink about 20-25 ounces of water before lunch.

12:00 PM is finally lunch time!  I am lucky if I make it until noon.  I am usually ready to eat at 11:00. So today I had sweet potatoes, eggs and turkey sausage topped with homemade pico. Yum!  Also drink another 15-20 ounces of water with lunch!

4:30 PM I am out the door and on to some kind of adventure.  Today is a gym day!  

4:45-6:00 PM I will spend this time running and doing some kind of weight training.  It is not a typical workout and I usually do whatever I am in the mood for, but I like it and it gives me the results that I want.  I will try to drink another 20 ounces of water after my workout!

You might already know this about me, but if not here you go…I get bored doing the same things over and over.  It absolutely kills me.  I can’t do rep after rep.  I have to change it up, ALOT!

6:15 PM time to go home and have dinner.  Usually this consists of me drinking a juice and eating another protein bar.  Sometimes I will actually make dinner, but not tonight!  Suja Berry Goodness FTW (For the win). 

6:45-9:00 PM This is my time to get my stuff situated for the next day and plan my work outfit.  I will also clean up, watch a movie, hang with the munchkin, write my blog, etc…Tonight I caught about 2 episodes of Supernatural (Season 3). Again drink another 20 ounces of water!

So as you can see I lead a pretty boring life. Nothing to crazy during the week!  The weekends are a little more adventurous!  

I always talk about how I hate to do the same thing over and over again, but honestly this is basically me monday through friday.  I even eat the same foods!  I am a walking contradiction, who am I kidding!

Have a great night!





Glass vs. Plastic

So, lately I have been trying to be more eco-friendly in my daily life.  One easy way for me to do that is to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic.  Since I am also an avid juicer this is great to carry all my juices in as well!  I have many different kinds of glass bottles and containers that I use to drink from.  Some have different benefits than others though so make sure you choose the right one for you!

1. bkr -$35 for 16 oz bottle (500mL)

These bottles are great.  I love the way they look (I guess that is kind of weird), but they are so sleek and simple.  I feel like these look like what you would expect to see Moonshine in, except they have a pretty colored silicone cover on them!  Maybe that’s what they were used for before they went mainstream!

2. Lifefactory – $23 for 16 oz bottle

I have the normal glass bottle with yellow silicone cover with the flip cap.  I do not like bottles that have straws.  One because the straws that are attached to the bottles are usually plastic and two because they are extremely difficult to clean (especially with my juice). This option lets me just flip the top and drink right out of it.

3. Contigo – $15 for 20 oz bottle

This bottle is the best bang for your buck.  This bottle is the biggest one that I have for the best price.  At 20 ounces, I can fit an entire juice, that I make, in this bottle.  I have this beauty with the jade sleeve.

4. Mason Jars- $9 for a 12 pack of 16 oz jars

These are my go to glass when I am at home.  They are not as practical when I am leaving the house, mainly because they do not fit into my cup holders in my car, but I can still put my juice in them and put a lid on it and take it to work with me!  I usually pair these jars with my stainless steel Norwex straws.

5. S’well -$25 for 15 oz. bottle

These bottles are made of stainless steel and come in so many pretty designs.  I have the yellow bumble bee bottle which is my favorite.  These bottles have the added benefit of keeping anything inside hot or cold (depending on what you put in it).  My water and juice will stay cold all day long which is great if you are out running errands! The bottle does not sweat at all so no need to worry about any condensation dripping inside of your new Kate Spade purse!

6. Ello – $14 for 20 oz bottle

This is another bang for your buck.  I have this one in grey and it is awesome.  Again, I can fit a whole juice in this 20 oz bottle which is great.  I like the fabric strap that you can carry it with as well.

As you can see, there are many different choices when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly container for your water and drinks.  Choose one that suits you the best so you are more likely to actually use it instead of going straight for a plastic bottle of SmartWater!

Let me know which ones you like and prefer below, I am always looking for new ones to add to my collection!