Would You if You Could?

So I have been seriously slacking lately.  I am not even going to lie, I have had absolutely no desire to write or post anything.  I haven’t even written any drafts!  I am a serious BUM! Sorry to everyone, I know you have been chomping at the bit waiting for me to post (and they say sarcasm doesn’t suit anyone!)… This post is also going to be totally random and probably not make any sense!  Sorry in advance!


I have been thinking about the most random things lately and I am not not even sure why.  Let me give you some examples…

If I could back in time and change something, would I?  When would I go to and what would I change?

Okay, maybe I thought of this one because I have an unnatural obsession with Back to the Future, but that is beside the point!  Doc Brown and Marty are not going to come up to me with their flying Delorean asking me to go in the past with them.  BUT if they did I would not even think twice about getting in the car and going “where we don’t need roads”!

My husband said that I could not go back in the past and change something because then it would cause ripples and change the future.  Something about the whole Butterfly Effect (I have seen that movie also).  I get that theory, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that my future will change if I change something from 1000 years ago, but who knows!  Honestly whats the worst that could happen?  Spacetime continuum would be disrupted and the entire universe would implode?  

Long story short, I would still definitely go back in time.  Does that make me a bad person to risk the universe?  Let’s be honest, you would all go back in time as well to see everything if you had the chance, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME!  I want to see everything.  I could go see the pyramids being built.  I could travel with Christopher Columbus on the Nina, or the Pinta, or the Santa Maria.  I could go back to my childhood and try to beat The Lion King on the Sega (because that game was so hard and now that I have adult wisdom I may actually be able to beat it)!I would even go back to visit some dinosaurs and unlike Marty McFly I will make sure to bring and extra car battery, gas and any other car “thing” I may not be able to go out and get while I am “travelling”!

Second random thought…If the Devil himself came up to me and said, “you can ask for anything in the entire world if I can have your soul,” would I take him up on his offer?

Well since I am not a redhead I know that I actually have a soul, but if I have been a redhead in the past does that mean maybe I only have part of one? Or do you have to be born a redhead to not have one?

Moving on… I actually got the funniest response to this question when I was talking about it with someone else!  They said:

Them: “Well I know that heaven and hell are real so I wouldn’t take the offer.”

Me: “How do you know that?”

Them: “Because if I am talking to the devil then I know that he and hell are real and I don’t want to be stuck in hell forever!”

That is some of the greatest logic ever.  I didn’t think that selling your soul automatically meant you would go to hell, but now I do! That doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t do it though.  There are a lot of things that you could ask for and wish for that could benefit so many people.

I mean come on…World Peace <— perfect pageant answer btw!

You could ask to live forever and ask for a genie that would grant you wishes for all of enternity.  That way later on when something bad happens or you want to change something you would have that option.  If you live for eternity does that mean you never have to give up your soul?  When I say genie I am thinking more of the Aladdin (Robin Williams) genie as opposed to a Supernatural genie.  If Sam and Dean Winchester taught me anything, it was do not mess with scary genies!  Those guys are NO BUENO!

I mean this is my first time dealing with the Devil so I don’t know all the rules or how this works. I have watched Bedazzled so I feel like I have a basic understanding, but would I get a contract to sign in blood that would spell everything out?  I guess I will need to read the fine print!

Random night and even more random questions, but I felt that they deserved to be aired!  So the question still remains… Would you if you could?




Superhero Woes…

Have you ever watched a comic book movie and loved everything about it?  Of Course you have…Okay… Well then, have you ever watched another comic book movie and realized that the same actor from the first movie is now playing a different character in the second movie?  ie. Chris Evans… Ryan Reynolds…Idris Alba…Aaron Taylor-Johnson…Zoe Saldana… Jon Bernthal… Okay, now have you watched a similar superhero movie made by different company that has two different actors playing the same character? ie. Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson both playing Quiksilver in different Marvel Movies (Avengers and X-Men)…

Both of these things have happened too many times to me and I hate it every time it!  I need to rant for a minute.

Chris Evan alone has played 4 different comic book characters.  That is crazy!  Is he the only talented Hollywood Actor out there that was available for all of these roles?  The answer to that question is NO!  He has obviously been playing Captain America (which is the only character I can even see him as anymore), but he has also been another Marvel character; Human Torch from Fantastic Four.  This is really bad for the Marvel Universe! You have the same person playing 2 roles.  The paths of the Fantastic Four and Captain America do cross at some point, so this is unacceptable!  I know that Michael B Jordan is now playing Human Torch (for the time being), but that doesn’t change the fact that you have changed the character in a very short time span (not that Chris Evans should/could ever go back and play Human Torch again. That is only 2 of his characters.  Let’s not forget that he played Jensen in The Losers (Vertigo) and then he also played Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  UNACCEPTABLE.

I truly feel that the sanctity of the comic book universe is gone.  I never know who will show up as a specific character in a movie.  If the movies being released are within let’s just say 10 years of each other, then there needs to be some kind of protocol.  Hollywood is making movies for the fans.  I don’t want to see multiple actors playing the same character.  I need uniformity.  Can’t everyone just be like Hugh Jackman and play their character for 16 years and make cameos in all the movies?  I really don’t think that is too much to ask for!

Somewhere down the line all these characters are going to cross paths, if they haven’t already,  and it is going to become a big problem. DC vs Marvel is going to happen, you can feel the storm brewing!  

I know that there are a lot of Hollywood politics that go on behind closed doors, but everyone needs to find a way to coexist. Get our actors/actresses to sign on for the character no matter who is making the movie, get them to cross production companies and make us all H A P P Y.

I know this was a little long winded and all over the place, but you get my point!



What’s In Your Purse?

I find purses absolutely fascinating.  I mean most women do, but I find them fascinating for a completely different reason than the obvious aesthetically pleasing sight of them.  

What is inside of them?  Do you ever wonder what other people put in their purses?  Sometimes I see someone with a bag, that is bigger than a backpack, and wonder what the hell they could possible be carrying around inside of that luggage.  Other times I see people carrying around a small clutch and wonder how that is even possible in this day and age.  You can barely fit your cell phone in a clutch let alone anything else!  Where is all of your stuff?

So as the saying goes, I will show you mine if you show me yours!


Okay, so mine is pretty clean.  I don’t usually carry much in my purse.  I am probably one of the more reserved when it comes to this!  As you can see by the contents of my purse, I have a little obsession with lip products.  I have 5 right now (but I had about 10 until this weekend).  I try to clean my purse out on Sunday and get rid of the junk that I don’t need before the new week starts.  So from left to right lets see what we have!

  • White and brown leather coach wallet.  Nothing special about this wallet and it does not match my purse, which for some of you out there is a big deal!  No judgement, I just don’t have money to drop $100-$300 on a purse to match each bag that I have!
  • My Captain America 3 Civil War Movie Ticket because I just saw it and I have not put it in my memory box yet!
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter– For me, this is almost a perfect nude with just a hint of pink and shine to it.  I love this stuff.  
  • Alba pineapple quench lip balm– I am a sucker for any kind of hawaiian product (since I was born and raised there).  This lip balm almost feels a little scratchy when you are putting it on, but it covers your lips completely and is not oily.  This is my favorite smelling chap stick because it smells like Pineapple! Yum!  Doesn’t taste bad either!
  • Beauty counter Lip Sheer in Petal– So I have posted about beauty counter products before and this is no exception.  These products are not made with any harmful ingredients and are all natural.  The petals is a very soft pink and the sheer lives up to it hypes giving your lips just a little bit of a shimmer to them!  Plus who doesn’t love the beautiful gold container!
  • My car keys with a Bumble bee and Daryl Dixon attached because WHY NOT?
  • My iPad 
  • My Geek’d Con Tickets that I just bought
  • An assortment of hair clips and hair ties.  I workout most afternoons so I always keep hair clips and ties with me so I can throw my hair up once I get there!
  • Blistex medicated lip balm– this is the best balm if your lips are chapped or even feeling extra dry.  This will healing them so quickly and make them super soft again!  I tend to use this one at night to repair my lips while I am sleeping.
  • Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint– I love how this makes my lips tingle!
  • Lily Pulitzer glasses (for work and writing this blog!)
  • Last but not least my Coach purse

So as you can see, nothing too crazy in my purse, just some of my favorite products that I just can’t seem to get enough of!  I have shown you mine, want to show me yours?




Fantastic Beasts

To all my fellow Potterheads, wizards and witches alike.  Is anyone else just as excited, for the new Harry Potter movie, as I am?  I have literally been waiting years for something so extraordinary to come out.

After Harry and his friends finally defeated “You Know Who,” I have had a void that has needed to be filled.  I have gotten my Potter fix any way that I can.  Thank you to Freeform (previously ABC family) for playing Harry Potter practically every weekend and for making me never forget how much I miss the wizarding world.  Thank you to Pottermore for giving me an outlet for all of my geekiness.  Without the unconditional support, I would have never learned the patience I needed for my potions or the technical skill needed when learning my spells. And a huge thank you to one of the best fandoms alive because without all of your memes, videos and witty writings I may have lost myself along the way.  Although these avenues have gotten me through some dark times, they in no way have helped eased my loss.

Maybe I should have read my herbology book a little closer so I could have made up a potion to skip over these last couple harry-potter-less years.  Maybe I should read up on Divination more so I could see what was coming.  Whatever the case, there is no going back (unless you have Hermione’s time turner necklace).  We are where we are and it is becoming better and better the closer we get to this new release.

We are not in a time that is reaching into a new era, one which we have waited years to explore and I for one can not wait to see what New Scamander has up his sleeves or in his suitcase!

Thank you for the new trailer.



No Escape…

Who doesn’t love a good nail biting movie?    A movie where you are literally sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation for the next scene that is sure to bring a heart pounding experience. That is what I got to experience last night.

I was sitting at home and was looking through Apple TV to see what new movies were out when I spotted No Escape.  I remembered seeing the preview for this movie a couple of months ago and thought it looked good!  Well when I clicked on it and saw that is was a $.99 rental, I figured now was as good of a time as any!

Be prepared.  This movie is an emotional roller-coaster that will leave you mentally and physically exhausted after you watch it.

No Escape was only 1 hour 45 minutes long and I can honestly say from about the 15 minute mark that I was a complete mess.  My heart started racing from 15 minutes in and didn’t stop until the movie ended. Within that 1 1/2 hour time span I screamed at my TV and shed numerous tears due to the brutality and stress that these poor characters were enduring.

I am not sure if I am recommending that you should watch it or not.  If you are emotionally unstable (like I am), beware.  If you have children, beware.  If you cry easily, beware.  It was a great movie overall (in between all my crying).  I will not be watching it again because I do not think I can’t put myself through that stress again, but I would still say that people should watch it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you though!

This is not the first movie that Owen Wilson has caused me extreme emotional duress with.  Does anyone remember a little movie called Marley and Me?  I was so upset after watching that movie that I broke the DVD and then threw it away.  I think I may have just realized something.  Maybe I need to stop watching Owen Wilson movies…  Now that is something to cry about!



6 Degrees of who?


Saying I am a movie buff is a little understated.  When me and my husband first started dating we bonded over movies.  We used to (and still do) play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  You have to know a little something about movies and be able to remember the actors in them in order to play this game.

The concept is simple.  Connect 1 actor (actress) to another actor (actress) by the movies that they have stared in with other actors (actresses).  Each person comes up with one actor/actress.  When you both have one, you say them out loud at the same time.  Then you quietly and quickly try to connect the two actors.  Sounds easy right?  Let me give you an example!

I will connect Will Smith to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Step one pick who you are starting with.  I am going to go with…

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman and Robin with Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell in Batman Forever with Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black with Will Smith

Okay, so I didn’t think this one through too much!  I honestly thought that one was going to be a little bit harder, but it wasn’t.  If you can come up with a good one let me know!  I would love to give it a try!  Either way, you get the gist of it!

This is a great game for long road trips, sitting and waiting for a table at a restaurant, on planes or at the airport and the dreaded waiting room in doctors offices.  This is also a great game for anytime where you are just sitting and not doing anything, PERIOD!

The more obscure, the better.  You have a girly teen movie that your friend/partner has never seen, then by all means use the B list actress in it to throw them a curve ball.  Just be careful, because they will totally throw out a random extra in one of those “shoot em up” movies. Good Luck (in my best Liam Neeson voice from Taken)