In light of Mandy Moore posting a throwback thursday (TBT) picture from A Walk to Remember, I decided to write about my journal that I keep.


Now if by some chance you have not seen the movie and you therefore don’t know why I would be writing a blog about a journal then by all means let me fill you in!  If you have seen the movie, then please just bare with me while I explain it to these less fortunate people!


In the movie Mandy Moore’s mother dies when she is very young and she leaves her behind this journal and it is filled with anything and everything.  She writes down her thoughts, poems, lyrics to her favorite songs, how she feels about the world etc…  This is a very important belonging to Moore’s character because it allows for her to carry a piece of her mother with her and it allows her to see a side of her mother that she never got to know because she died so young.

Since I saw this movie I always thought that was something I wanted to do.  Well now I have a 4 year old daughter and I have a full journal and am already working on my 2nd one.  I write her notes, draw her pictures, leave her my favorite quotes from movies and songs and even have my favorite things lists.  I will give it to her on her 18th birthday as something special for her to keep and show her children.

If you decide to make your own there is nothing special that you need to put in it.  Just write about whatever you are thinking about at that moment.  Some of the stuff in mine is not always happy.  I recently have been writing about how I feel about different world events (ie. Paris attacks).  It will be a firsthand point of view that she will be able to look back on and read.  

I have even done daily writings where I wrote something different about myself every day… favorite food at the time…favorite movie at the time…favorite color…etc…

I hope my inspiration from the movie will help to inspire someone else to make a journal for someone special in their life.  

Happy writing!




No Escape…

Who doesn’t love a good nail biting movie?    A movie where you are literally sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation for the next scene that is sure to bring a heart pounding experience. That is what I got to experience last night.

I was sitting at home and was looking through Apple TV to see what new movies were out when I spotted No Escape.  I remembered seeing the preview for this movie a couple of months ago and thought it looked good!  Well when I clicked on it and saw that is was a $.99 rental, I figured now was as good of a time as any!

Be prepared.  This movie is an emotional roller-coaster that will leave you mentally and physically exhausted after you watch it.

No Escape was only 1 hour 45 minutes long and I can honestly say from about the 15 minute mark that I was a complete mess.  My heart started racing from 15 minutes in and didn’t stop until the movie ended. Within that 1 1/2 hour time span I screamed at my TV and shed numerous tears due to the brutality and stress that these poor characters were enduring.

I am not sure if I am recommending that you should watch it or not.  If you are emotionally unstable (like I am), beware.  If you have children, beware.  If you cry easily, beware.  It was a great movie overall (in between all my crying).  I will not be watching it again because I do not think I can’t put myself through that stress again, but I would still say that people should watch it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you though!

This is not the first movie that Owen Wilson has caused me extreme emotional duress with.  Does anyone remember a little movie called Marley and Me?  I was so upset after watching that movie that I broke the DVD and then threw it away.  I think I may have just realized something.  Maybe I need to stop watching Owen Wilson movies…  Now that is something to cry about!