Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I know I know.  It is Wednesday and the book came out on Sunday.  I am super late to write this review, but I have had a sick kid that I was taking care of.  I just finished it though!  So this post can commence!  BTW this is NOT A SPOILER!

I learned something today.

Benkinersophobia: is the fear of not receiving a letter from Hogwarts on your 11th birthday!

Harry Potter holds a very special place in my heart (“After all this time?  Always.”). I read each of the books cover to cover one right after the other.  I was swept up in the magical world of Hogwarts and I never wanted to leave.  I was over the age of 11 when I started reading the books (the 1st time), but I still wanted a letter to Hogwarts!  (I am still waiting because it is never too late to follow your dreams)!  I was worried, to say the least, when I found they were releasing a book based on the play, but I was still intrigued enough to run out and pick up my copy last Sunday morning!

I was unsure when I started reading the book.  Was I going to like it?  Would it give me all the “feels” again?  Would I be disappointed?  well, it took the whole book for me to figure all of that out!

It is written in the form of a play (I knew this before I bought it, but I don’t think it fully registered), but after a couple of pages I realized that it was a very easy read!  The dialogue between all the characters flowed smoothly while also creating a vivid picture for readers. This was a good sign!

The book takes place where the last book/movie ends; with all the characters standing on Platform 9 3/4 sending their children off to Hogwarts for another year.  The story follows the main characters, Albus and Scorpius, as they try to find their place in the wizarding world as the son of “The Chosen One” and as the son of a famous “Death Eater”.  This book seamlessly jumps between the present and the past while also giving the readers a glimpse at how different the world could have been if Voldemort was not defeated in the Battle of Hogwarts.

While I do absolutely love the new character development and how well they tied in with all of the characters from the original Harry Potter books, this was a very ballsy move (turning the play into a book).  It could have gone very bad, but I think the authors tiptoed that very fine line between giving us what we wanted and taking it a step too far!  So long story short, this book was worth the read to me.  It was cute, nostalgic, endearing and funny, but it is NOT the next book in the Harry Potter series.  It was good, but I am sure the play is SO MUCH better!




Fantastic Beasts

To all my fellow Potterheads, wizards and witches alike.  Is anyone else just as excited, for the new Harry Potter movie, as I am?  I have literally been waiting years for something so extraordinary to come out.

After Harry and his friends finally defeated “You Know Who,” I have had a void that has needed to be filled.  I have gotten my Potter fix any way that I can.  Thank you to Freeform (previously ABC family) for playing Harry Potter practically every weekend and for making me never forget how much I miss the wizarding world.  Thank you to Pottermore for giving me an outlet for all of my geekiness.  Without the unconditional support, I would have never learned the patience I needed for my potions or the technical skill needed when learning my spells. And a huge thank you to one of the best fandoms alive because without all of your memes, videos and witty writings I may have lost myself along the way.  Although these avenues have gotten me through some dark times, they in no way have helped eased my loss.

Maybe I should have read my herbology book a little closer so I could have made up a potion to skip over these last couple harry-potter-less years.  Maybe I should read up on Divination more so I could see what was coming.  Whatever the case, there is no going back (unless you have Hermione’s time turner necklace).  We are where we are and it is becoming better and better the closer we get to this new release.

We are not in a time that is reaching into a new era, one which we have waited years to explore and I for one can not wait to see what New Scamander has up his sleeves or in his suitcase!

Thank you for the new trailer.