What’s In Your Purse?

I find purses absolutely fascinating.  I mean most women do, but I find them fascinating for a completely different reason than the obvious aesthetically pleasing sight of them.  

What is inside of them?  Do you ever wonder what other people put in their purses?  Sometimes I see someone with a bag, that is bigger than a backpack, and wonder what the hell they could possible be carrying around inside of that luggage.  Other times I see people carrying around a small clutch and wonder how that is even possible in this day and age.  You can barely fit your cell phone in a clutch let alone anything else!  Where is all of your stuff?

So as the saying goes, I will show you mine if you show me yours!


Okay, so mine is pretty clean.  I don’t usually carry much in my purse.  I am probably one of the more reserved when it comes to this!  As you can see by the contents of my purse, I have a little obsession with lip products.  I have 5 right now (but I had about 10 until this weekend).  I try to clean my purse out on Sunday and get rid of the junk that I don’t need before the new week starts.  So from left to right lets see what we have!

  • White and brown leather coach wallet.  Nothing special about this wallet and it does not match my purse, which for some of you out there is a big deal!  No judgement, I just don’t have money to drop $100-$300 on a purse to match each bag that I have!
  • My Captain America 3 Civil War Movie Ticket because I just saw it and I have not put it in my memory box yet!
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter– For me, this is almost a perfect nude with just a hint of pink and shine to it.  I love this stuff.  
  • Alba pineapple quench lip balm– I am a sucker for any kind of hawaiian product (since I was born and raised there).  This lip balm almost feels a little scratchy when you are putting it on, but it covers your lips completely and is not oily.  This is my favorite smelling chap stick because it smells like Pineapple! Yum!  Doesn’t taste bad either!
  • Beauty counter Lip Sheer in Petal– So I have posted about beauty counter products before and this is no exception.  These products are not made with any harmful ingredients and are all natural.  The petals is a very soft pink and the sheer lives up to it hypes giving your lips just a little bit of a shimmer to them!  Plus who doesn’t love the beautiful gold container!
  • My car keys with a Bumble bee and Daryl Dixon attached because WHY NOT?
  • My iPad 
  • My Geek’d Con Tickets that I just bought
  • An assortment of hair clips and hair ties.  I workout most afternoons so I always keep hair clips and ties with me so I can throw my hair up once I get there!
  • Blistex medicated lip balm– this is the best balm if your lips are chapped or even feeling extra dry.  This will healing them so quickly and make them super soft again!  I tend to use this one at night to repair my lips while I am sleeping.
  • Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint– I love how this makes my lips tingle!
  • Lily Pulitzer glasses (for work and writing this blog!)
  • Last but not least my Coach purse

So as you can see, nothing too crazy in my purse, just some of my favorite products that I just can’t seem to get enough of!  I have shown you mine, want to show me yours?





Outfits for Days

So I consider myself a pretty bright girl and by bright I mean bright COLORS.  I am very bright (smart) as well, but that is beside the point…  Anyway… Now I sound like an idiot.  

For some reason on my workdays I always end up wearing different variations of black and grey, black and white, or black and black. For someone who is so BRIGHT I don’t show it very well with my work clothes (except with maybe the exception of my shoes). So much for me being colorful!

So I decided to put my colorfulness to the test.  Do I really like to wear as much color as I say that I do or is it all in my mind?  Only one way to find out.  I decided to take pictures of all of my outfits for a whole week.  The results were not that shocking, but nevertheless interesting (at least to me).

Let’s start with Thursday.  That is a good normal day of the week to start documenting my outfits (said no one ever)!  Nevertheless Thursday I had some pastel colors.  It wasn’t super bright and it was mixed with black but it was a start!

Friday was darker colors, but I did have some blue in there at least!  I tried, but this shirt was my 4th and darkest one that I tried on that morning.  I just wasn’t feeling the other ones!

Weekends are very casual for me, I basically live in workout clothes, because I actually do workout, but also because they are extremely comfortable.  So Saturday was my black Nike shorts and my BRIGHT orange Nike long sleeve shirt.  Comfy. Practical. Half bright!  Well on my way!

Sunday was obviously another workout day.  I ran errands, did a work-out, meal prepped and cleaned my house.  Why would I wear anything else.  Again I had at least partially bright colored clothes, but I am kind of cheating because most work out clothes are bright colored!    

Now Monday was a very rainy day.  I find it very difficult to wear bright cheerful clothing when it is so drab and gross outside. So today I fell right in line with my black-grey scene.  I am not starting the work week off very strong.

Tuesday… Much better!  Today was still a little rainy and overcast but I got a new dress that I was determined to wear.  Floral is all the rage right now and I immediately put this dress.  I didn’t care what the weather was, this dress deserved to be worn immediately! Now I am back on track!  Bright colors all day long!

HUMP DAY (aka last day of experiment) was a failure on my part.  I pulled out my yellow work pants and had every intention or pairing them with a bright pink top, well my new pink top had a small hole that I didn’t notice until I put it on…Needless to say I will be returning the shirt, but this left me figuring out what to wear last minute… Black and white dress won out.  It was too easy.  I didn’t have to pair things together.  I literally picked the dress and my black pumps and called it a day.  I know I still could have paired my yellow pants with something else, but that was just too much work.  I failed the color test…I’m sorry!

So overall I have decided that I do have the capabilities to be bright and cheerful with my clothing choices every single day, but there are times when I simply revert back to my old habits and play it safe with black.  Why is wearing black just so easy?  Maybe I just need to try harder.  Summer is right around the corner, maybe that will give me some better incentive to bring out the bright colors more often! 

Happy Wednesday!



Too many clothes?

I am in no way saying that I have too many clothes.  Those words will never be uttered from my mouth, but I do feel like I need to go through what I have and M A Y B E get rid of some of them (but not because I have too many).

I read this tip around the new year that said to flip all your hangers around and each time you wear something you put the hangers back on the rack normal.  If you still have hangers that are backwards at the end of the year, then you get rid of the clothes because that means you didn’t wear it for a whole year.

OKAY.  I know I am now into April, but I decided to try this trick.  So by the end of the year I will get rid of stuff that I truly have not worn this year!  YAY…

So now that all of my hangers are turned in the opposite direction I may have room for new clothes in just a few short months.

Let the purging begin!

Now if only I could find some way to talk myself into getting rid of shoes that i haven’t worn in forever… Did I just actually say that? Trust me, I have a problem. Admitting it is the first step,  right?