A Little Bit Personal

Since I have not written anything in about 2 months (::sigh::) I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things… so to make it easy I figured I would tell you a little bit more about me!

What is my dream job? 

At this point in my life I have realized that I don’t want to do the same thing forever.  I love to change it up.  This is probably going to sound like the lamest job ever, but I would love to be an assistant to a writer!  First, lets be honest, I would get to read free books all the time.  I am not an editor by any stretch of the imagination, but getting to look over books before they are published so I could give my thoughts and help in any way would be the coolest thing ever.  Second, I would be able to write.  I could help write back to fans, write blogs about how AWESOME my author/writer is (if I was working for someone they would have to be awesome)!

This is the type of job that would never be the same and I would get to meet so many different people along the way.  I would probably not be sitting idle for very long, but that would be okay with me since I can’t do that currently in my life!  So Abbi, Colleen, Tarryn, Katy, Veronica and Alice…If any of you are reading this please get in touch with me!

Favorite song at the moment?

Closer by the Chainsmokers/Halsey

You either love this song or hate it! There is no in between!  I have probably listened to this song about 549 times already this week and it is only Wednesday!  No Lie!

Guilty Pleasure?

Twix Candy bars or really any kind of chocolate candy, but mainly TWIX!

Something you probably don’t know about me?

I was born in Hawaii and lived there for years before moving to the “mainland”.  I was born in a bright pink hospital on the navy base!  I have the same birth certificate as Obama… I know I know, but they are the same!  

When I left Hawaii I spoke a different language.  Did you know that Hawaii has it’s own language and alphabet?  Well now you do!  

‘A’ole pilikia <–you’re welcome

Favorite super hero?

Black Widow!  That is an easy one!  She doesn’t really have a super power other than her being a total badass!  She is just like you and me except she can and will totally kill someone if they cross her.  When I grow up I want to be black widow… it is never to late to follow your dreams!

Can I change my answer to the first question and say my dream job is to be black widow?!

If I could buy one thing at this very moment what would it be?

Okay, I am kind of ashamed to say this, but here it goes!  I would ABSOLUTELY go out and buy a pair of Christian Louboutin’s.  These to be exact!  I have a shoe obsession (if you have been reading my blogs then that should not come as a shock to you)!  I have obviously never had a pair of these shoes and I think that every girl deserves a pair of red bottoms! So if anyone out in the internet world is interested in getting me these or any other pair for that matter I would happily let you!

So there you have it.  A few things that you may or may not know about me.  Now that we are friends I would love to know more about you…  answer the questions yourself below so I don’t have to pry it out of you all down the road!




It Ends With Us

::Spoiler Free::

Colleen Hoover… This is not my first or even my second blog post about a book of hers that I have read, this is my third.  I have literally read every other book that she has written and I think I cried during most of them.

I tried to stayed away from reviews of “It Ends With Us” because I didn’t want to see any spoilers.  The only thing I knew about this book was that people were very emotional while reading it, but that isn’t saying much because most of her books are emotional.  I prepared myself for the water works to come, but they never did.

I just finished “It Ends With Us” and I DID NOT shed a tear.  DO YOU HEAR ME?  Not one.  There were multiple times while I was reading that I had to stop mid sentence because I knew what was getting ready to happen and I thought I would cry, but once I started back up I was able to make it through without crying.  How is that possible?  Everybody everywhere that has read this book said they cried but why didn’t I?

So as I sit here thinking back on the words that I just read I can’t figure out what is wrong with me.  Maybe I am still so enthralled in the book that is hasn’t hit me yet.  Maybe, like Lily, I am so engulfed by all of the emotions that I feel from reading this book that I have not completely processed them all.

This book shattered me.  I was completely heart broken and gutted to my core.  I felt intense love, sadness, hurt, anger, disappointment, frustration, hope, regret, compassion, hate, remorse, shame, grief stricken and pure torture while reading “It Ends With Us”.  How can I feel all of that from a book and still not cry?  I am a sap.  I cry during commercials for goodness sake.

Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe I am so emotionally raw after reading this book that I can not feel anything because I have gone through so much already!

So now that I have been completely wishy-washy and still don’t understand how I feel, I have realized one thing and one thing only and that is that I want to be Lily Bloom when I grow up! Brave and Bold!

P.S. I 100% think you should read this book!  I know my thoughts and review do nothing for this book, but it was so good that I can not even get my thoughts out.  MUST READ!



Until Friday Night

Abbi, Abbi, Abbi… Let me tell you a little bit about Abbi Glines.  She is another one of my favorite authors.  She has a TON of books and I have read every single one of them, much like Colleen Hoover.  Abbi is seriously talented.  Her books are usually sweet, happy, loving and energetic.  The books are easy to read, have great stories to follow and the characters are perfect!  They are basically everything I look for in a book!

Up to this point, the Sea Breeze series was my favorite.  Abbi writes books about all the characters in a certain group (so every character gets their own book) which I absolutely love.  I love getting to read the stories of everyone in the book.  You get to see how they all met, how they all interact and you get to follow them all as they continue to grow throughout the books!

Well, Abbi finally started a new series with Until Friday Night and it is about what we all loved in high school (at least it was what I loved about high school)!  Hot jocks… High school parties… Your first love(s).. And some serious heartbreaks… The perfect amount of drama makes for some good books!

So I finally bought the book on Friday and I read the whole thing.  All 337 pages of it in less than 12 hours! I could not stop reading it (even when I was crying)!  This book was so sad at points that I was literally crying about half way through it and didn’t really stop until I was done!  I even sent a picture and a note to Abbi herself letting her know that she was making me cry while I was reading and it was NOT COOL…

So long story short.

Maggie moves in with her aunt, uncle and cousin that live in Lawton Alabama. As if your senior year isn’t hard enough, she is now moving to a new small town full of people that she doesn’t know.  It doesn’t help that she is trying to escape a very rough and dark past but you never know, maybe Lawton might be just what she needs to heal.  Meanwhile the star running back on the football team, West Ashby, is going through some very tough times with his family and instead of confiding in his closest friends, he turns to the most unlikely person to help him get through it all; Maggie.

Did I mention that Maggie doesn’t talk.  West uses the strength that Maggie gained from her dark past to help him get through his problems, while at the same time Maggie is realizing that she may be ready to re-enter the world and talk again.  The two of them are able to grow and help each other heal in their own way.  It may not make sense to everyone at first (since Maggie doesn’t talk), but  their relationship grows into something much more after they are both able to deal with their issues!

If this book doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then I am not really sure why you are reading this or why you are following me!  Seriously though.  I thought this book was so awesome.  The next book in the series is coming out next month and will follow fellow running back Gunner Lawton and I can not wait!  

Maybe I should start my own book club and just start sending these books out to people once I am done reading them!  My bookcase is getting a little too full!  Any takers?





not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others.

I read a book not that long ago by, you guessed it, Colleen Hoover, called Confess.  It was about an artist that ran a studio called Confess.  Random strangers would write anonymous confessions and drop them into his mailbox and then he would make art pieces based on their confessions and secrets.  

Everyone has a secret or a confession, even if it is small and unimportant.  Secrets are what make the world go round. Secrets are the reason that Hollywood has such a cult following.  Secrets can make countries go to war and make families break up.  In my life alone I have had enough secrets that could put a soap opera to shame.

Sometimes secrets are hurtful to others and sometimes they are hurtful to you.  Sometimes secrets are good and sometimes they are bad.  Sometimes secrets are so big that you can’t tell anyone.

I have a secret that I have carried around for years.  Some people know my secret and some people don’t.  I have been judged and shamed when I said it out loud and I have even been called a liar.  People have felt sorry for me and treated me different when they found out.  The funny thing is, the only reason I even told people was because I thought they could handle it.  Instead all it did was create more stress and drama in my life.  

I didn’t want their sympathy.  I didn’t want them to judge me or treat me different.  I just wanted them to know and be there for me if I needed them.  I didn’t/don’t need them to understand.  It is hard to understand unless you have the same secret.

In the book that I read, the people wanted to get their secrets out there.  They didn’t want their secrets to eat away at them.  They wanted to be able to tell their stories without be judged and shamed for it.  Being able to confess your secrets in an anonymous way makes you less vulnerable.  When thinking about it, if I was in the book, I would totally write my secret down and put it into the box.

So, if everyone has a secret, what’s yours?



Never Never

So from time to time I will be writing about some of the books that I have read.  I read a lot of books, but there will be some that will go without being mentioned in my blogs.  This is one that I thought deserved to be written about.

Let me first start off by saying that I love Colleen Hoover.  I think she is an amazing writer.  Her books are about situations and people that are real.  You can relate to the things she writes about and the books make you feel like they could be about people you know.

Never Never is captivating from the very beginning.

We have all had the thought… What would it be like to wake up and not remember anything or anyone?  Amnesia, so to speak.  Well that is exactly what happens to the main character, Charlie, in this book.  The book starts and she is in the middle of class and doesn’t remember anything.  Where is she?  How did she get there? She doesn’t even remember her own name.  She is forced to gather information from the things and people that are around her, that is, until 48 hours from now when she will forget everything all over again…

The more you think you know, the less that you actually do!  This 3 part series is one that I could not put down.  I read all three books back to back.  If you are looking for something that is suspenseful as well as heartfelt then this could be the book for you.