April 1st Fools No One…

Let’s be honest…  April 1st is a day when everyone  goes out into the world and questions everything and everyone.  Is your coffee creamer going to be filled with buttermilk?  Will you walk out to your car and find that is has been saran wrapped?  Will you then get to work to only find out that your desk has been covered with thousands of little fluorescent colored post its?  If any of these things have happened to you already today (even if they haven’t) I have some sweet justice that can be served to your sick, sick friends and coworkers!

1. Sending a Glitter Bomb

(Picture: birthdayglitterbombs.com)

CAUTION!  When using this prank beware of the war you might start with whoever you chose that will get this horrible monstrosity!  If you haven’t ordered your glitter bomb yet, you could always make your own (make sure to use the fine glitter).  This is one prank that will keep on giving for weeks to come when they are still trying to get it off of their floor.

2. Replace Oreo Filling with Toothpaste

I am not a fan of this prank simply because all those poor Oreos will be going to waste for a cruel stunt.  Unless you are planning to eat all the wonderful white creamy frosting that you are taking out of your Oreos,  please do not perform this gag!  It is just wrong on so many levels!  If you still want to be mean, then you must have Cruel Intentions! (See what I did there!)

3. Caramel Onion Anyone?


(Picture: Instructables)

This is by far the worst prank ever!  BEWARE… The person that eats these tasty disgusting treats may never speak to you again (not that you would want them to because their breath would be horrible!)

4. Un-soapy Soap


This is a very easy and not so ridiculous prank.  Paint a bar of soap (who still uses bars of soap?) with clear fingernail polish.  This one could backfire though because whoever you prank will go out into society still smelling bad from their lack of soap!  This could actually be a prank on you if you have to be around that person!  Make sure you carry around extra body spray or perfume just in case!

5. Water anyone?


Make sure to face the handheld sink sprayer is facing the front and tape down the handle so that the next person to use it will get sprayed in the face.  Be careful that you don’t use the sink after you have taped it down or you will end up pranking yourself!

On this day, trust no one, question everything, and for gods sake, don’t believe anyone that tells you that something is F R E E!