When Life Gives You Lemons, Sometimes You Can’t Make Lemonade…

So sometimes in life something crappy happens and people say “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”.  Well today was not one of those days.  

Today the Air Force announced the E-6 results.  My husband was in that category.  I am not going to go into detail about how I feel about the changes that have been made regarding the new ranking system, so I will just say that it was made much harder for everyone involved.  This was his 2nd time taking the test and we learned today that he did not make it, again.  This time he missed it by .4 points.  That means there was 1 person above him that was the cutoff to make rank.

My husband is a strong man.  He will make it past this not because there is no other choice but because he always keeps his head held high. It might take him a few days to get back to his normal self again, but he will get there.  He will also be all the better for it!  This will not be his all the end all (it feels like it though).  I will tell you what he isn’t though and that is weak!  He doesn’t need your sympathy, he needs your solidarity and so does everyone else that didn’t make it today.

So to all the other men/women out there that didn’t make Tech this year, I admire your resilence, dignity and your perseverance.  I know it is hard, but I also know that you will all go into this test next year and make it your Bitch!  

So in short, we were given lemons today, but we didn’t make lemonade.  We rode the roller coaster of emotions instead!  Even though we don’t have lemonade, we now have lemons and I will make a mean pitcher of sangria with them… So thank you!




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