Beta… and I don’t mean fish!

Since the day that iOS 10 was announced, I haven’t stopped thinking about all the new things to come.  To me, this was by far the best iOS to date (that really wasn’t too difficult though)! One major problem?  We were told that we would have to wait until the fall (months away) for it to be released… SAY WHAT???

Now if you have been reading my blog you may already know this little secret but if you haven’t figured it out yet then let me clue you in.  I AM EXTREMELY IMPATIENT!  I can’t wait for anything.  Once I set my mind to something I have to have it immediately.  The anticipation kills me.  I get anxiety just thinking about it!

Well, today was my glory day!  The BETA for iOS 10 came out to play (and no I am not talking about our fish Charlie)!  So after downloading it and playing with it the whole day I have narrowed down my absolute favorite thing! 

::DISCLAIMER:: I don’t know anyone that has the Beta yet so I was forced to try out all the cool things on myself!  Which is why I am texting my own number!!!

Messaging App.

Anything and everything about the new messaging app is amazing!  I love that you can send a message with an entire page effect!  This really lets me convey my feelings and be completely obnoxious with my text messaging!  (Sorry to all of my friends now)! Confetti for everyone!

Next we have the little “like” “love” and “dislike” bubbles that you can put on any and every single text that you and your friends send each other!  Again, I will never get tired of these!

The new messaging app now has what I like to call the “emotional” text messages.  No more will my message be confused as angry or mean because I will send them “gentle” (small and dainty text)!  When I want to get my point across I will “slam” it into your screen!

Now-a-days in a world that is so consumed with technology, why not send a handwritten note (kind of).  Even my chicken scratch gets a pretty overhaul with the new handwriting capability.  Of course these are completely customizable as well, so choose the perfect delivery method! Invisible Ink anyone?

Last but certainly not least.  EMOJI’S.  Now when you are texting someone and you write out a paragraph to send and realize last minute that you have ZERO Emoji’s that is okay, because this new app will fill in your Emoji’s for you!  That’s right!  It is PSYCHIC…

First your text turns orange once you click on the emoji icons (this shows you what can be turned into an emoji).  Then all you have to do is click on each word to change it and VOILA!  EMOJI-fied! Hallelujah!  Emoji’s galore!

Although there are numerous new changes to iOS 10, I believe the new messaging app is perfect for E V E R Y O N E.  It doesn’t matter if you are texting your mother, your SO, or your best friend, you can create the perfect message for them all.  I have never taken part in any of the other Apple Beta’s but I am so glad that I jumped on board for this one!  There is still plenty of time, so head on over and sign up!  What are you waiting for?




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