Would You if You Could?

So I have been seriously slacking lately.  I am not even going to lie, I have had absolutely no desire to write or post anything.  I haven’t even written any drafts!  I am a serious BUM! Sorry to everyone, I know you have been chomping at the bit waiting for me to post (and they say sarcasm doesn’t suit anyone!)… This post is also going to be totally random and probably not make any sense!  Sorry in advance!


I have been thinking about the most random things lately and I am not not even sure why.  Let me give you some examples…

If I could back in time and change something, would I?  When would I go to and what would I change?

Okay, maybe I thought of this one because I have an unnatural obsession with Back to the Future, but that is beside the point!  Doc Brown and Marty are not going to come up to me with their flying Delorean asking me to go in the past with them.  BUT if they did I would not even think twice about getting in the car and going “where we don’t need roads”!

My husband said that I could not go back in the past and change something because then it would cause ripples and change the future.  Something about the whole Butterfly Effect (I have seen that movie also).  I get that theory, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that my future will change if I change something from 1000 years ago, but who knows!  Honestly whats the worst that could happen?  Spacetime continuum would be disrupted and the entire universe would implode?  

Long story short, I would still definitely go back in time.  Does that make me a bad person to risk the universe?  Let’s be honest, you would all go back in time as well to see everything if you had the chance, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME!  I want to see everything.  I could go see the pyramids being built.  I could travel with Christopher Columbus on the Nina, or the Pinta, or the Santa Maria.  I could go back to my childhood and try to beat The Lion King on the Sega (because that game was so hard and now that I have adult wisdom I may actually be able to beat it)!I would even go back to visit some dinosaurs and unlike Marty McFly I will make sure to bring and extra car battery, gas and any other car “thing” I may not be able to go out and get while I am “travelling”!

Second random thought…If the Devil himself came up to me and said, “you can ask for anything in the entire world if I can have your soul,” would I take him up on his offer?

Well since I am not a redhead I know that I actually have a soul, but if I have been a redhead in the past does that mean maybe I only have part of one? Or do you have to be born a redhead to not have one?

Moving on… I actually got the funniest response to this question when I was talking about it with someone else!  They said:

Them: “Well I know that heaven and hell are real so I wouldn’t take the offer.”

Me: “How do you know that?”

Them: “Because if I am talking to the devil then I know that he and hell are real and I don’t want to be stuck in hell forever!”

That is some of the greatest logic ever.  I didn’t think that selling your soul automatically meant you would go to hell, but now I do! That doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t do it though.  There are a lot of things that you could ask for and wish for that could benefit so many people.

I mean come on…World Peace <— perfect pageant answer btw!

You could ask to live forever and ask for a genie that would grant you wishes for all of enternity.  That way later on when something bad happens or you want to change something you would have that option.  If you live for eternity does that mean you never have to give up your soul?  When I say genie I am thinking more of the Aladdin (Robin Williams) genie as opposed to a Supernatural genie.  If Sam and Dean Winchester taught me anything, it was do not mess with scary genies!  Those guys are NO BUENO!

I mean this is my first time dealing with the Devil so I don’t know all the rules or how this works. I have watched Bedazzled so I feel like I have a basic understanding, but would I get a contract to sign in blood that would spell everything out?  I guess I will need to read the fine print!

Random night and even more random questions, but I felt that they deserved to be aired!  So the question still remains… Would you if you could?




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