Ole Henriksen

I love this man!  I don’t know who he is personally, but his products are amazing!  I have written before about the power peel microdermabrasion that I absolutely love. Well now I have finally decided to buy a few more products of his to try!

I got the 3 Little Wonders kit from Sephora a couple of weeks ago and have been hooked since I first tried it!  When you buy this set you get Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Sheer Transformation, and Invigorating Night Treatment.

I use the Collagen a booster in the morning after I get out of the shower.  Once it has soaked all the way into my skin, I then use the Sheer Transformation lotion on top as my daily lotion.  The Vitamin C Lotion smells A M A Z I N G.  It is like putting fresh peeled oranges on your face.  

At night I use the Night Treatment and then again after it has soaked into my skin I use the Sheer Transformation lotion.  I can actually feel the Night Treatment tightening my skin as soon as I put it on.

Together all of these products have been great for my skin.  I feel like my skin tone is a lot more even then before I started and I have also started to notice that my forehead wrinkles are not as prominent and are a lot softer!


The 1st pic was about 3 weeks ago and the 2nd pic was this morning.  Please disregard my very crooked nose… I know it is probably hard for you to actually see all the results that I am talking about, but I can tell (and that is all that really matters)!  I read a bunch of the reviews online before and I went and bought this set and most of them were very positive and said something very similar to what I have said.  Overall I think these products are worth it.  I still have months worth of product left to use and I can’t wait to see if the results will continue to get better!




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