One with You

Okay.  So I read the last Bared to You book, One with You, and let me just start off by saying that I was not at all prepared for what happened.  I did not see that twist coming.  Honestly I don’t remember if I read something in the other books that would have lead me to actually see this coming, but it was still very unexpected.

I am so glad that this book had a twist like this though.  These romance/erotic novels can be so stale and monotonous at points and this was a refreshing mix-up.  If you are a dedicated reader or liked the previous books then this one will be right up your alley.  I feel like reading this book finally gave me the closure that I didn’t know I needed.  Although I have finally finished, what felt like a never ending series, I wouldn’t rate these as high as others simply because they all took so long to get released.

These may not have been my favorite books, but I still love Sylvia Day.  If you are looking for other books to read I would 100% recommend other books that she has written.

Happy Reading!




2 thoughts on “One with You

    1. Well I don’t want you to think it is a MASSIVE Twist! It is interesting but it is nothing outrageous! It actually helps tie a lot of stuff together! I am going to try to start a new book today, just have to decide on what to read!


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