Easy MoHawk Hair

Have you seen women with what I like to call the Mohawk hair (long on the top and back and shaved on the sides) and thought that you could/would totally rock that hair?  I have… numerous times.  Problem is I DO NOT have the guts to do it.  I am too worried what it would look like with my face shape, plus I have pointy ears that stick out…  Short hair worries me!   I wish I had the guts to do it.  A prime example of this hairstyle is Kelly Osbourne.

While I may not have the guts to actually go and shave the sides of my hair, I can still get this look in just a few simple steps.  I get the best of both worlds!  I can keep my longer hair, while still feeling edgy from time to time…

This hairstyle should take you about 10 minutes to complete from start to finish!

First you will separate your hair into small sections and secure with small rubber bands (I used colors so you could see!).  The smaller the sections the tighter/smoother you can get the sides.  For the sake of this how-to I went with a more messy look and didn’t do as many sections.

Once you have all of your sections secure, get a teasing comb and starting making it big!  You will want a lot of volume once you start pinning it all down!

img_8086Okay, maybe this was a little bit too much, but that’s alright!

Now you will get your bobby pins and start bunching your hair up around each ponytail bottom.  You goal is to cover the ponytails so it is just a straight line back and you can’t see the underneath!  This step does not have to be perfect.  I actually prefer it to be a bit messy.

And now you are done!

So now the next time you have an 80’s party or you just feel like doing something a little different, you can!  This may not be for everyone or every occasion, but it is definitely still worth a try!




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