Amazon Reviewer

There is this thing called Amazon Reviewer.  I had never heard about it until a couple of months ago.  A friend of mine was trying it out and was obsessed.  She tried to get me to try it as well, but I thought it sounded kind of sketchy…

Well after about 2 months and seeing all the free stuff she was getting I was kind of intrigued and sort of jealous.  So I went to Amazon Reviewer and decided to sign up.  I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?

So I have been on this reviewer site for about 3 months now and I have everyone at my work on it as well.  This really only works if you have Amazon Prime (get it if you don’t have it).  You go “shop” through their 1000’s of items until you find something that you like.  Then you click review now.  They will then send you a code to go buy it from Amazon, and then it is shipped to you.  Once you receive your product you have 2 weeks to write a review on it (Good or bad).  It is as simple as that.

Now this site has all kinds of items that you can get at a huge discount and even for free and all you have to do it sort for what you want!  I only sorted through the free stuff because I didn’t need anything bad enough that I wanted to pay for it.  So far I have about 60 products that I have gotten and I have probably paid about $3 total for all of them!  ::I know what you are thinking::  There has to be a catch.  She can’t get all that stuff for only $3.  Well let me tell you something… I CAN AND I DID!

So what kind of products have I received?  Well I have about 20 different phone cases for me and my husband.  I got tempered glass for our iPhones.  Screen protectors for my apple watch.  Vitamins. Face Lotions.  Organic makeup remover cloths. Essential Oils. Diffusers. Clothes Steams. Etc. Etc. Etc.  You get the point.  There is a lot you can get.  If you think I am kidding and you don’t believe me, then go look for yourself.

Go get something for F R E E.  You deserve it!




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