Contour This…

I have scoured the internet for every YouTube video I could find on contouring.  I literally have watched them all in complete fascination.

I am like every other girl/woman out there. I love makeup. I do my makeup everyday. It makes me feel pretty and I like it… I don’t care if people want to judge me because I wear makeup because it is not for them, it is for me… Moving on. There is one thing about makeup that I have never tried but I have always wanted to and by now you can probably guess what that is… C O N T O U R I N G!

I am absolutely amazed by what some of these people can do with makeup. You can literally turn yourself into Taylor Swift! Who doesn’t want to be Taylor? I know I would love to be Taylor!

Although I love this concept, I am completely terrified by it. There is no way that if I contour my face that I will not look like a hot mess! I have anxiety just thinking about doing it. Since I have now watched countless hours of contouring videos on YouTube (don’t you dare judge me because you are just as guilty) I feel like there is no better time than the present to try out this process.


I decided to start off with a powder contouring kit.  I recruited my BFF Alexis to try as well (also a newbie to the contouring world) and off we went.  I chose the Smashbox kit for us that I got from Sephora.

before on the left and contouring on the right
before on the left and contouring on the right

So as you can see, the results were a little disappointing.  We started with completely fresh faces with ZERO makeup on. Once we contoured according to the videos and diagrams we both felt that we did not see a big enough difference that it would warrant us doing this ever again.  We have to have missed something.  How did we get basically NO results?    Completely discouraged I decided that contouring was just not for me.

2 Days later and countless more hours of beauty videos on Youtube…

I was not ready to give up.  I could do this.  I wanted to see the results that I saw on YouTube, so I went back to the store and chose a cream palette by NYX.  I came straight home from work and decided to give it another try.

left not contoured… right contoured (before blending)
left not contoured… right contoured

This time I was actually impressed.  I could see my results!  I don’t know if it had something to do with me already having makeup on or if it was the cream palette or both, but it worked!  It may not be perfect because obviously I will need to practice it a little bit more but I definitely felt like this could be worth doing.  Now I see what all the fuss is about!  YAY!

Although I likes the results I do not think that this is a feasible option for me to do every day because it did take longer than my normal makeup routine, but for a girls night out or a fancy dinner, YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I would do it again!

Go give it a try.  It is not as scary as I originally thought.  Recruit a friend or 2 to practice with you.




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