You mean JT?

JTT (Johnathan Taylor Thomas)… Those three letters could bring teenage girls around the world to their knees and have them screaming and crying.

As a kid of the 90’s, he was my personal heartthrob.  My favorite of the 3 boys from Home Improvement (sorry Zachery Ty Bryan).  I am pretty sure that I have seen every movie he has been in; Tom and Huck, The Lion King (forgot about that one huh?!) Man of the House (the one with Chevy Chase not Tommy Lee Jones), I’ll Be Home for Christmas, just to name a few.

Speaking of Jessica Biel (because she was in I’ll Be Home for Christmas) we can now connect to my teenage/adult crushes; JT or better known as Justin Timberlake, the husband of Jessica Biel.  What can’t he do?  Sing. Dance. Act. It is just not fair for one person to have so much talent running through his good looking body. Untalented people, like myself, just can’t handle it! No wonder so many people are completely fascinated with him (I know I am not alone!).

Now I know some of you are thinking to yourself, “WTH is this girl writing about?  She just went from JTT to JT…”  Well let me let you in on a little secret!  I have realized that there seems to be something in common with my TV/movie crushes and since I have now figured out the pattern, I know who/what to expect next.

See we started out with JTT (Johnathon Taylor Thomas) and then I was introduced to JT (Justin Timberlake) so it only makes sense for the new celebrity crush in my life to be referred to as J.  I figure I am dropping a “T” for every decade.  JTT…JT…J…Unfortunately Mr. J will be my last because once I reach 40 I will be left with no letters! Kind of sad and depressing to think about.

I am still in the era of Justin, but I am left to wonder…Who could be next?  Will he be better than the previous two?  Mr. J where ever you are, I will see you soon!




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