Fantastic Beasts

To all my fellow Potterheads, wizards and witches alike.  Is anyone else just as excited, for the new Harry Potter movie, as I am?  I have literally been waiting years for something so extraordinary to come out.

After Harry and his friends finally defeated “You Know Who,” I have had a void that has needed to be filled.  I have gotten my Potter fix any way that I can.  Thank you to Freeform (previously ABC family) for playing Harry Potter practically every weekend and for making me never forget how much I miss the wizarding world.  Thank you to Pottermore for giving me an outlet for all of my geekiness.  Without the unconditional support, I would have never learned the patience I needed for my potions or the technical skill needed when learning my spells. And a huge thank you to one of the best fandoms alive because without all of your memes, videos and witty writings I may have lost myself along the way.  Although these avenues have gotten me through some dark times, they in no way have helped eased my loss.

Maybe I should have read my herbology book a little closer so I could have made up a potion to skip over these last couple harry-potter-less years.  Maybe I should read up on Divination more so I could see what was coming.  Whatever the case, there is no going back (unless you have Hermione’s time turner necklace).  We are where we are and it is becoming better and better the closer we get to this new release.

We are not in a time that is reaching into a new era, one which we have waited years to explore and I for one can not wait to see what New Scamander has up his sleeves or in his suitcase!

Thank you for the new trailer.




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