My Teenage Self as a Music Play List

Sometimes you just need to reminisce a little bit and what better way to do that than with music.  It can make you remember your first… crush that is… with just a couple of beats.  The moment you hear a song, you are immediately taken back to a specific moment in time.  What were you doing?  Who were you with?  Is it the song that you and your best friend learned all the words to after you played it on repeat for hours? (Here’s looking at your Sir Mix a Lot!)  Whatever you were doing and whoever you were with, the songs that you listened to played a huge role in making those memories…

Being born in 1986 there is so many things that I will tell my child that will blow her mind! I was alive when the internet was made (we actually had dial up).  I lived in a time before there was email.  I was born in a totally different century.  Everyone thought the world was going to end when the year 2000 came (hello Y2K).

So to go along with the turn of the century and me and my fellow Millennials starting high school (early 2000’s) I decided to come up with a little playlist to bring back all those memories and make us all feel just a little bit older!

All these songs came out between 12-16 years ago! HALF OF MY LIFE AGO!


1. Usher – Yeah! (2004)

When this song was played at Prom, everyone hit the dance floor.  This song has sentimental value.  I had just turned 18 and this was the main song that was playing in bars and clubs when I started going out.  To this day, no matter where I am, I still dance and sing along!

2. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (2000)

Back when Beyonce was still in her girl group and the group consisted of 4 members!  How many members did they actually go through?  All least Beyonce made it through and we are all the better for it!

3. Britney Spears – Toxic (2003)

Does anyone else remember when Britney released her music video for Toxic and they banned it on MTv?  You remember a time when people actually cared what was shown on TV and that video was too “risqué”?  It actually happened.

4. T.A.T.U – All The Things She Said (2001)

If you did not listen to this song then I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY.  I loved this song in high school.  It was such a relatable song when we were in the middle of growing up and people not understanding us because we weren’t yet adults.  I remember blaring this song in my car when I finally got my drivers license.  I may need to put this back on my phone! 😉

5. Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya and Lil’ Kim – Lady Marmalade (2001)

Who doesn’t want to watch a music video full of super hot women in barely any clothing talking about their sexual desires?  No takers?  I did’t think so!

6. Evanessence – Bring Me To Life (2003)

Amy Lee.  Need I say more?   That voice is amazing! You get the best of both worlds with this song.  You get the grunge rock while also getting the female lead singer that I L O V E.

7. Kelly Clarkson- Since You’ve Been Gone (2004)

Who can forget the great Kelly Clarkson.  The only true winner of American Idol that matters, well except for Carrie Underwood, but that is for another blog!

8. Eminem – Lose Yourself (2002)

Okay, so I know some of you are going to say, REALLY?  Eminem?  Well he makes my list with this song because it is amazing.  Have you actually listened to what he is saying in this song?  He is telling everyone to seize the day (Carpe Diem), don’t miss out on opportunities that are staring you in the face.  Have the courage to stand up and take what you want.  Pretty powerful message, huh?  Even if he is a skinny little white rapper!




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